The Process

Festivals are complex beasts. They are big and fast-moving, and chock full of small moving parts that all need to work together (hey, just like a steampunk elephant with cheeta stripes). Our service is designed to cater to that experience. 


This is our chance to put on a show. Who we are, what we do, and why our service is valuable for your organisation.But first, we want you to spill: why you love what you do, what you've achieved, what you want to achieve, and what you want to avoid experiencing ever, EVER again. 

And then there's all the logistical stuff: we need to find out things like the number of venues you’re using, work out where you can install the phone room, and discuss whether you want to use pre-sale passes. Ferve Tickets provides a customised service, so quotes are based on specific festival requirements. We shape the service to the festival – it's certainly not one size fits all.


The requirements outline in detail what will be delivered as part of the service. It's an expanded version of the proposal, including an itemised inventory and budget. This provides your checklist of what to expect as part of the service delivery.

Feature requests

This is where we can talk software development. We provide a robust base ticketing framework, with the opportunity for specific client requests.

Do you want to do something fancy? We're all over it, but just make sure you contact us nice and early. Absolute minimum sign off for custom development is 8 weeks before scheduled deployment date (also known as ‘program launch’, in case you were wondering).


The final ticketing contract is the end product of all previous discussions with the festival, incorporating the final budget, requirements and feature requests. These documents together create our ticketing package, and once we're locked off it's GAME ON.  


We provide full project management throughout the entire delivery process. Based on your needs, we supply  timelines and specifications, scheduled training sessions and meetings. 

We're involved in each step, from pre-launch to program launch to festival time to debrief. And from debrief we roll into the next festival. It’s the circle of life.


A standard Service Level Agreement is provided as part and parcel of the ticketing contract with each client. This agreement includes a 99.9% uptime guarantee for the entire system, with rebates available if this percentage is not achieved.The Service Level Agreement also outlines response and resolution times for queries submitted within the iManage support system. Provisions for both on- and off-site support are available during the full on sale period.

Some of Our Clients