The Customer Experience

The ability to provide an engaging, user-friendly online purchasing experience is vital to sustain growth for any festival. A physical Box Office simply does not have the capacity to process the number of people wanting to attend – at least not without some very long queues and disgruntled customers.

Our focus is on sustainable and accessible participation with the festival experience. We concentrate not just on growing audience, but on increasing the quality of their engagement. Technology is the medium we use to achieve this. 

Ferve Tickets has a demonstrated history of accessible and reliable online purchasing, with online sales rates for festivals averaging between 70–90%. We work with festivals one on one to build to their needs and aspirations, as well as addressing the nitty-gritty details of a comprehensive ticketing service. 

We provide the full infrastructure requirements for festivals to be able to manage their own services. We work closely with the festival Ticketing Manager to coordinate the best service for the client and their audience, including standard selling platforms:

  • Online website (branded)
  • iPhone and Android apps (branded)
  • Web mobile interface (non-branded)
  • Over the counter (point of sale terminals)
  • Over the phone (point of sale terminals)

The old model of purchasing has gone. Customers don't come to the shop; the shop comes to the customer. As fixed packages decline, customisable packages increase. Festival audience still want to see as much as possible, but each person wants to shape their experience to be personal and memorable – as well as available and changeable on the fly.

Some of Our Clients