Our Passion

Have you ever watched a talk on TED.com and been completely blown away by a speaker that you've never heard of and a topic you've never imagined? That's passion.

Our passion is festival ticketing and we could bend your ear for hours about it. We might even bring snacks.

We love festivals

Imagine you're in a venue – a theatre, cinema or warehouse – and all you can hear is humming, like the air is filled with static. Finally the lights dim and the audience grows silent, waiting. Imagine this same moment of anticipation in potentially dozens of venues. Imagine the same experience in all those venues over days and weeks. Do you see the city alive? 

Now imagine that same feeling, all over Australia, all year round. 

We don't have to imagine. Australia might be geographically isolated, but there's no shortage of festivals in the sunburnt country. It's like living in candyland.

We love technology

We have a dream – and it's a very nerdy one. We would like to change the experience of ticketing.

We have a dream for the future of ticketing: user friendly, responsive under high-pressure demand, implicitly secure, reportable and accountable, flexible and dynamic, reliable, queriable and brandable.

But the experience is more than the utilitarian process of buying a ticket. It's commitment, anticipation and conversation. A ticket is a symbol and a totem. A memory. Just imagine the potential, the adventure of possibilities, of how technology can enrich that experience.

And one of the perks of being nerds – almost anything is possible. 

We love our planet

This planet has been good to us. Rob swims and runs and bicycles. Louise tries to practice handstands in the grass but isn't very good yet.

It would be very inconvenient to have to find a new planet.

We offset all carbon emissions generated through the maintenance of our systems, including our internal office space.

Some of Our Clients