Our Service

We provide a customisable ticketing service against a base ticketing platform. And what does that mean, exactly?

Over the last decade we've developed a dedicated festival ticketing platform to suit the fast moving, high-impact festival environment.This platform provides the basis for our service, with the opportunity to accommodate specific festival needs by further customising the system through software development.

But we also layer the service with extensive festival branding, auxiliary iPhone and Android applications with in-built ticketing, fully deployed hardware (including mobile capable scanners), on and off site support and optional software development.

We put it all together - software, hardware, support - and hand the bundle over to the festival to manage the important one-on-one relationship with the audience. The customer relationship isn't with us - it's with the festival. That's where the most valuable conversations happen. 

The Technology

Customers don't have a single, isolated experience with our ticketing system. They have ongoing, repeat involvement. That's the festival experience. It's not one-stop, "Thanks, got what I need, bye". The experience is gradual and interactive. 

For this reason, the highest priority for Ferve Tickets technology is usability. To get the most out of any service, accessibility is key. We continue to refine each element of our system, for festival audience and staff alike, to maximise use and usability. 

Average online purchasing for our clients currently sits at around 70–80%, and that number is only going up. iPhone application sales are now rivalling phone room sales. It's the future, and we all want to make our purchasing choices when and where we like, whether that’s while sitting at home in our pyjamas, or on the way to work on the train. Our ticketing system is firmly focused on minimising barriers to entry. The more the merrier, eh?   More >>

The Process

Festivals are beautiful and glorious, and remarkably complex. To run a festival demands passion, dedication and every scrap of time at your disposal. So much detail, and it all needs to be right at the exact same time. It's a type of crazy that only passionate fools embrace, but come launch day it's also one of the most exhilarating sensations. 

The complexity of festivals cannot be underestimated. So we provide full Project Management throughout ticketing delivery; through pre-sale, program launch, festival time and debrief. Then we set it all up again for the following year.

We might do some dancing somewhere in the middle.  More >>

Start the Conversation

Passion, excitement, commitment: every festival is brimming with them. We love meeting new festivals, and we want to hear your story.

So when's the best time to get in contact? Well, it depends. Eight weeks before sales launch if absolutely no customisation is required. At least 4-5 months before sales launch if you have big plans. Or hey, right now! 03 9014 7728.

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