Our Tech

Technology is a medium. Software is the craft we use to shape what we want the world to be. And that's a world where festivals beckon for participation and interaction.

We cover the full range of software ticketing requirements, including comprehensive back-end interfaces for management of the program along with front-end sales platforms catering to web, mobile online, iPhone app and Android app platforms. We also provide point-of-sale systems for phone and box office sales, supported by hardware components such as point-of-sale terminals (with printers, cash draws, etc.) and ticket scanners. 

Our technology is maximised for absolute ease of use. A satisfying experience is one where the user gets exactly what they need without inconvenience. We love ticketing, but we also want our users to get what they want – and quickly. So they can go outside to chase butterflies.

The customer experience

The customer dynamic for purchasing has changed over the last decade. Customers will no longer wait in the rain to buy tickets to the headline event of the year. Instead they'll sit at their desks at work, 30 minutes before launch, madly refreshing the festival ticketing web page like sugared-up toy dogs with a squeaky ball.

The Festival experience

It's a busy world. The level of noise out in the customer market is higher than ever. For an event to be competitive in this new environment means presenting a cohesive brand experience, from visual consistency across all platforms, to a controlled and responsive customer service experience. Ticketing is one of the key communication areas for events.

Custom Development

Each festival has its own needs and its own aspirations. Sometimes these overlap with other organisations, sometimes not. 

We provide the opportunity to customise our software to make new things possible. The development process, from request to deployment, is structured so that, rather than just looking for immediate solutions, we focus on fully understanding the motivation for the change, how it will be communicated, and how it will be measured. The key elements are time and imagination – and the freedom to use both. 

Also, when the robots take over the world, they'll favour those of us with temples of technology. We'll get to live in bunkers under the scotched earth.  

Some of Our Clients