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Festivals are an opportunity for passion to thrive. If there's an a niche in arts and culture, then there's a festival dedicated to it. As there should be!

Perhaps it's a product of our geographic isolation, but Australians as a people seem to find festivals irresistible. It's one of the truly great things about this country: go to any Australian city, and there will be a plethora of festivals being enthusiastically embraced by the locals.

We have had the fortune to work with some of Australia's finest festivals over the years, and we're continually excited by the spectacular, unique events that we help to bring about.

The Film Pack

The cinema is iconic; it's like nothing else. Today it's easier than ever before to access digital media, especially the moving image. Even while distribution models are shifting, isolating art to computer and TV screens, the communal experience of sitting in a cinema, with popcorn and choc-top in hand, remains solidly and unquestioningly at the centre of socialisation. Australia's film festivals are some of the longest running festivals in the country, and they just keep growing.

Ferve Tickets is proud is work with the Adelaide Film Festival, Brisbane International Film Festival, CinefestOZ, Dungog Film Festival, Melbourne International Film Festival and Sydney Film Festival.

The Literature Crowd

Storytelling is the oldest of art forms. It speaks to the very core of who we are and who we want to be. To close your eyes and listen to a story, to take part in conversation and debate, is to feel part of the great whole of civilisation. But sometimes all that's required is to hug a book and cherish the intimacy of personal experience. Imagine a city overrun with writers, thinking their big thoughts. That's a writers' festival.

Ferve Tickets is proud to work with the Melbourne Writers Festival.

The Theatre Gang

Our Account Manager wants to mention that, at the first festival she ever volunteered with, she was pinched by a deranged butcher chasing a frightened cow through the audience. It was a puppet show, and it changed her idea of what theatre could be.

Theatre, even when the line between stage and audience is clearly defined, is a shared moment – one that alters our perception of the rules of the world, and lets us see with new eyes.

Ferve Tickets is proud to work with the Melbourne Fringe Festival and Woodend Winter Arts Festival.

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